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Isaac Rau

The CEO of Proactive SEO Solutions, a leading online marketing agency in California


20 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Isaac Rau is current CEO of Proactive SEO Solutions, a leading online marketing agency in Long Beach, CA. He earned his BA in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1997 and has since worked on the agency side, the client side, as well as pursued entrepreneurial endeavors.


My Philosophy To Achieve Results

Isaac has an ironclad Philosophy for Results that each one of his clients has a distinct opportunity to benefit from. He maintains a results-driven attitude and is only interested in tools, technologies, and procedures & methods that create growth for clients.


future trends

The Next Five Years

Isaac understands that successful businesses are always looking toward the future. His unique understanding and experience in the online marketing sector, agency experience, ecommerce experience, not to mention his own entrepreneurial ventures give him unique insights and expertise.


Family & work

They Are Synonymous

Family and work are synonymous to Isaac. He treats his employees with respect and takes an active interest in their careers. He helps mentor members of his team, setting them up to excel in the world beyond Proactive SEO Solutions.

He also believes that a successful day starts in the home. He believes that if his own house is in disarray, how could he expect to properly take care of his duties as a CEO. That’s why he focuses on his commitments -- both to his family and his team.