Family & Work

They are Synonymous

Seamless Transition

Family and work are synonymous to Isaac. He treats his employees with respect and takes an active interest in their careers. He helps mentor members of his team, setting them up to excel in the world beyond Proactive SEO Solutions.

He also believes that a successful day starts in the home. He believes that if his own house is in disarray, how could he expect to properly take care of his duties as a CEO. That’s why he focuses on his commitments -- both to his family and his team.


Creatively Charged Environments

Helping Others Grow

Isaac always aims to create a seamless transition between his home life and his work life. His work is creatively charged and his experience has been diverse with multiple types of companies, including start-ups, advertising agencies, as well as e-commerce companies. But his philosophies have always remained consistent. Growing his personal and professional relationships is always in the forefront of his mind.

By working with people he likes and appreciates, it enhances the work without taking anything away from the family realm.


Healthy Lifestyles

Loyalty & Activity

Isaac continues to be an active member of the Long Beach community -- he’s been in the area for over 20 years! He continues to balance family and work successfully. By treating his team like family he’s been able to keep team members and board members onboard since Proactive SEO Solutions’ fruition.

Outside of the office Isaac spends most of his extra time with his wife and three children. He also plays indoor soccer and basketball on the weekends while his family cheers him on.