Isaac Rau

20 Years of Experience

Bringing a well-rounded perspective into 360 degree marketing campaigns is one of the many benefits companies can glean from working with Isaac and his company, Proactive SEO Solutions.

Isaac got his start in the fast-paced tech industry as well as web development in 1999. He actually interacted and worked with a few ground floor employees at Google when they were a less than 100 employee company. Since then, Isaac’s trajectory has continued to rise in the greater Los Angeles area as he has continued to build a reputation for getting trackable results for his clients.


since the early adwords days

Inaugural Travel Campaign

Isaac has other accolades worth mentioning, too. For instance, he took part in the first ever Adwords campaign occurring in the travel vertical and was also a tester for YouTube ads after the Google acquisition.

Isaac’s various roles throughout his work experience include Search Engine Technologist, Senior PPC Manager, Director of Marketing, as well as founder and CEO of multiple businesses. Currently Isaac’s vision has culminated in Proactive SEO Solutions, a service-based online marketing agency overlooking 2nd Street in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.

Isaac specializes in SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media, Video Production, PPC and Web Design. Isaac has a demonstrated history of getting undeniable results while working with a diverse client base -- businesses which include retail, medical and dental practices, health & wellness, restaurants, law firms, certified organic foods & beauty products, and more.


Family and Work...

They are Synonymous

When not working hard for his valued clients, Isaac is with his family and engaging in an active lifestyle. His family and work are also intertwined -- his wife and 3 children often come to the office to visit with the team, not to mention team members often engaging in activities with him outside of the office.